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Animals, Birds & Pets

Free animal, bird and pet word search puzzles for kids and adults.
Perfect for animal lovers, bird lovers and pet lovers.
All puzzles are free, printable, and have solutions.

Bird Species

Beautiful bird species including budgies, eagles, ducks, canaries.
Level of difficulty - Medium


Owls, robins, finches, jays, and parrots are flying high in this fun bird word puzzle.
Level of difficulty - Easy

Exotic Wild Animals

Includes exotic wild animals such as lions, zebra, kangaroos and elephants.
Level of difficulty - Medium

North American Animal Puzzle

Find words relating to North American animals such as cougars, chipmunks, otters.
Level of difficulty - Medium

Cat Breeds

Includes domestic cat breeds such as Bengal, Birman, Himalayan, Manx, Ocicat, Persian, Ragdoll, Siamese and Tonkinese cats.
Level of difficulty - Medium


Find words relating to wild tigers such as Siberia, white tiger, Asia, and rainforest.
Level of difficulty - Medium


Includes words relating to horses such as pony, filly, colt, and foal.
Level of difficulty - Easy

Dog Toys

Includes words relating to dog toys such as dog chew toys, kongs, nylabone, balls, and floppy disc.
Level of difficulty - Medium


Includes words relating to dogs such as puppy, animal, bones, leash, play, fido.
Level of difficulty - Easy

Dog Breeds

Find dog breeds including Beagle, Collie, Dachshund, Husky, Poodle, Pomeranian, Pug, Retriever, and Terrier.
Level of difficulty - Medium

Garfield Puzzle

Find Garfield and his friends in this fun puzzle. Includes Odie, Jon, Jim Davis and more.
Level of difficulty - Easy

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